Lopinot Tourism Association Ltd.

Lopinot Tourism Association Ltd started in 2014 as a need for our community to create sustainable development and to keep our traditions alive. Lopinot Tours aim to give visitors an experience that will take them back in time to learn about our culture and traditions.

These tours include the history of Lopinot, visiting the Count de Lopinot Estates with Mr.Martin Gomez, the Cocoa estates, Bean t oBar Chocolate making, Dancing de Cocoa and visiting the Martin Gomez Cave.

Also included in the tour, is tasting of our 65 % and 70 % dark chocolates, pastelles and empanadas. Guests will also entertained with sweet Parang music provided by Mr. Martin Gomez.

Dress Code/necessary items for the Tour:

  • Wear sneakers.
  • Light clothing and long trousers
  • Sun blocks, insect repellent is a must.
  • Head lights or torch lights.
  • Walk with personal medication (eg:asthma, allergies etc. ).
Dancing de Cocoa.
Lopinot Chocolates
Lopinot House