About Us

We are a network of Bed and Breakfast, Self-catering, and Host homes property owners with 1 to 20 rooms, who strive for excellence in the Hospitality Industry of Trinidad and Tobago.

Our motto is “People, Hospitality, Service”, and we are dedicated to providing the People who visit our properties, the best in Caribbean Hospitality with a high quality of Service

  1. The organization holds monthly meetings to discuss issues affecting the various establishments and the Industry.
  2. At the meetings the members are also introduced to new ideas which could help the establishments to achieve higher levels of occupancy.


The purpose of the organization is to aid the membership of the Small Tourism Accommodation Sector i.e. Bed & Breakfast, Host Home, Guesthouse and Self-Catering establishments in managing, promoting and representing their businesses, thereby creating a successful, sustainable, competitive and profitable sub-sector of the Tourism Industry of Trinidad and Tobago.


There are three (3) types of Membership, namely:-

  • Full Membership: Any person who owns a Small Tourism Accommodation property such as a Host Home, Bed and Breakfast, Guesthouse and Self-Catering establishment with no more than twenty (20) rooms and is an approved Tourism Development Company (T.D.C.) Facility.  There is an Annual and Semi-Annual Fee payable when membership is approved.
  • Affiliate Membership: Any person who wishes to join in the fellowship of the Organisation in the spirit of its Motto and to share in its activities. This category may include other service providers in the Tourism Industry such as Tour Guides, Taxi-drivers, Car Rental Establishments, Restaurants, and Entertainment Establishments. There is an Annual and Semi-Annual Fee payable when membership is approved.
  • Corporate Membership: Any person or Corporation wishing to support the aims and objectives of the Organisation, subject to any exception agreed upon by the Executive Committee. Corporate membership shall be primarily for the financial support of the work of the Organisation. There shall be no membership Fee attached to this type of Membership.